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Line Cook

Description of a Line Cook

A Cook, or Line Cook, is responsible for preparing ingredients at an establishment that serves food, processing customer orders, producing meals and cleaning their workspace throughout the day to follow health and safety guidelines. Cooks follow recipes consistently, make adjustments based on customer requests, communicate with wait staff and prepare garnishes to make an attractive presentation for each meal.

Cook duties and responsibilities

Cooks are responsible for delivering food that is not only delicious and cooked to the specifications of the customer but that is safe and fresh as well. They often have the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure ingredients and final products are fresh

  • Follow recipes, including measuring, weighing and mixing ingredients

  • Bake, grill, steam and boil meats, vegetables, fish, poultry and other foods

  • Present, garnish and arrange final dishes

  • Occasionally serve food

  • Maintain a clean and safe work area, including handling utensils, equipment and dishes

  • Handle and store ingredients and food

  • Maintain food safety and sanitation standards


A good Line Cook must be great multi-tasking as they’re often given several preparation tasks to complete at once. They should also be effective team workers since they’re usually working on a preparation line collaborating with many other Cooks and Chefs. An effective Line Cook candidate demonstrates great organizational skills as they’re responsible for keeping their space tidy and ensuring the kitchen is fully stocked and ready before their shift begins.

or Servers

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A Waiter, or Server, is an employee who serves customers in a cafe or restaurant. Their duties include welcoming customers, answering questions related to the menu, delivering orders and processing payments.

Waiter duties and responsibilities

A Waiter’s main responsibility is to ensure that customers have an enjoyable dining experience. A Waiter should have excellent customer service skills, they should greet customers in a polite and friendly manner, provide them with menus and suggest seasonal specials. They also are to the point of contact for bills and return of any funds. Waiters also perform several front-of-the-house duties such as cleaning the tables after customers.

Some of the main duties and responsibilities of a Waiter include:

  • Greeting customers as they settle down at the cafe or restaurant tables and introducing them to the menus

  • Taking the customers’ orders and delivering them to the kitchen staff for preparation

  • Confirming that the food items match the orders and delivering them at the tables

  • Inquiring if the customers are satisfied, giving bills and processing payments

  • Operating the drink fountain and coffee station 

  • Attending regular meetings with restaurant and kitchen managers to find out about menu changes and menu specials


What does a Waiter do?    

A Waiter awaits customers at the door and escorts them to their seats. They give the customers the menu, introduce them to the seasonal specials and answer any questions about the menu. The Waiter passes on the customer’s selections to the kitchen staff, then delivers the orders once it is prepared. Often, Waiters also process payments from customers in cash or credit. Most Waiters work in shifts depending on the restaurant’s operating and rush hours.

Waiter skills and qualifications

At times Waiters may be required to wait for customers and welcome them into the restaurant from outside. They therefore need to have good stamina, physical strength and determination to work for an entire shift. They often need to work quickly under fast-paced demands and remain well-mannered and polite. A waiter needs to have perseverance, patience and communication. A successful Waiter candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, they include:Great communication skills both verbal and written Attention to details and the ability to work fast under pressure. Excellent Customer Service Skills

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