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About Us


Our vision at Happy Cafe is to provide a relaxing environment where our guests can wind down, eat good food, and engage in wonderful conversation.


Don't worry, Eat Happy

Happy Cafe was established 2016 in Blackstone, Virginia. Blackstone is the home of the owner/ chef, Tomeka Wallace. 


"I decided to open up on my hometown, to create a diverse communal environment for all."

Creating signature sandwiches to satisfy the cravings of everyone who enters. We specialize in smoothies, homemade bread pudding, our gourmet Mac n cheese, seasoned to perfection hash browns. Our large filling sandwiches served on specialty bread are like no other. Let’s not leave out our delicious homemade bread pudding, which comes in a variety of seasonal flavors.  Our Graduate donut will give you daily cravings. Our cake donut served warm with a scoop of ice cream (we’ve been serving this since Nottoway High Schools Class of 2016 graduated. 


We look for to creating and sharing positive vibes with you. 

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